Allium ursinum

Wild Garlic

Pictures of Wild Garlic (Allium ursinum)

Allium ursinum Allium ursinum Allium ursinum Allium ursinum Allium ursinum Allium ursinum Allium ursinum Allium ursinum

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Common names

Wild Garlic.

Scientific name

Allium ursinum L.

Conservation status and threats

NOT protected species in Bulgaria.

Description and identification

Perennial herbaceous plant. Bulb single, oblong, about 1 cm thick, covered with a membranous sheath, unraveling into parallel fibers. Stem 15-40 cm high, three-walled, covered at the base by the leaf sheaths. Leaves 2, shorter than the stem, with elliptical lanceolate, pointed and glabrous petioles, the stalk 5-20 cm long. Inflorescence hemispherical. The flower peduncles equal to each other, at the base without bracts. Perianth stellate, with white, linear-lanceolate, obtuse or pointed, 8-10 mm long leaflets. Stamens with 1.5-2 times shorter than the perianth filament. The pistil with a style shorter than the perianth. The fruiting box is spherically three-walled, with rather convex heart-shaped lobes. Seeds rounded, red. Flowering April-June1.

Distribution in Bulgaria

Map of distribution in Bulgaria of Allium ursinum by floristic regions2:

Allium ursinum


1 Вълев, Ст. & Ив. Асенов. 1964. Флора на Народна Република България, том II. София.

2 Assyov, B., A. Petrova, D. Dimitrov & R. Vassilev. 2012. Conspectus of the vascular flora of Bulgaria. Sofia, Bulgarian biodiversity foundation.

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