Viola perinensis

Balkan Violet

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Viola perinensis Viola perinensis Viola perinensis Viola perinensis Viola perinensis Viola perinensis Viola perinensis Viola perinensis Viola perinensis

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Common names

Balkan Violet

Scientific name

Viola perinensis W. Becker

Conservation status and threats

PROTECTED species in Bulgaria. Endangered1.

Description and identification

Caulescent, glabrous, perennial herb. Leaves more or less fleshy, entire, rarely shallowly crenate. Flowers odourless, solitary in leaf-axils of middle and upper cauline leaves, obtrapeziform in front view. Petals yellow or blue-violet; upper ones directed upwards, rotundate to almost orbicular; lateral ones patent and bent towards the upper ones, overlapping them considerably; lower one obcordate, with longitudinal violet veins. Fruit a capsule. Flowering May-August2.


On calcareous rocks and in stony, rocky and grassy places with shallow soil, rarely in coniferous forests. Forms mosaic, dispersed populations. On the rocks it forms communities, and on the rocky and grassy places it grows in small groups or solitary3.

Distribution in Bulgaria

Map of distribution in Bulgaria of Viola perinensis by floristic regions3:

Viola perinensis

Pirin and Slavyanka mountains, between 1500 and 2800 m altitude4.

General distribution

Map of general distribution5:

Viola perinensis


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