Daphne pontica

Twin-flowered Daphne

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Daphne pontica Daphne pontica Daphne pontica Daphne pontica Daphne pontica

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Common name

Twin-flowered Daphne

Scientific name

Daphne pontica L.

Conservation status and threats

The species is PROTECTED by the law in Bulgaria .

The species is listed in the Red Data Book of Bulgaria to the category "Endangered"[1].

Description and identification

Evergreen shrubs, 50–100 cm, branches spreading. Leaves obovate, 2–2½ times as long as wide. Flowers yellowish-green, in pairs on a common peduncle, arising from the axils of reduced, bract-like leaves at the base of the current year's growth. Sepals pale yellow, almost as long as the hypanthium. Hypanthium 8–10 mm, slender. Drupe ovate, black. Fl. IV–V, fr. VI–III. Reproduction by seeds[2].


Single plants to mosaic subpopulations in moderately humid forests, rarely in shrubs dominated by Fagus orientalis and Quercus sessiliflora[3].

Distribution in Bulgaria

Strandzha Mts; from 50 up to 700 m alt[4].


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