Pinus peuce

Macedonian Pine

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Common names

Macedonian Pine, Balkan Pine.

Scientific name

Pinus peuce Griseb.

Conservation status and threats

Not protected species in Bulgaria. Near Threatened in IUCN Redlist [Pinus peuce (Balkan Pine, Macedonian Pine) in IUCN Redlist].

Description and identification

A medium-sized conifer reaching a height of 20-30 m. It has a straight, undivided trunk, dense, conical head or broadly cylindrical with conical tip, branches generally, growing, down to ground level. The bark is smooth at first, greyish-brown, later scaly. The shoots are relatively thick, glossy green, later darker; the buds are resinous. The needles are up to 1 mm narrow and to 10 cm long, fine, grey-green with palaer bands of stomata, straight and spiny serrated on the margins. The orange-red or yellow male cones are borne at the bases of young lateral twigs, about 12 mm long, conical, and shed their pollen in June. Female cones are terminal, usually green flushed with red, later violet. The mature cones are short stalked, hanging, 8-15 cm long, narrow cylindrical, narrowing towards the ends or curved, resinous, dark green, later reddish-brown. The 5-mm-long seed has a wing 15 mm long. Flowering June - July [Vaclav Vetvicka, 1999. Trees. Aventinum Publishing House]. The only five needles native pine in Bulgaria.

Distribution in Bulgaria

In the follow phytogeographic regions: Stara Planina (middle), Vitosha Region, The Rila, The Pirin, The Rhodopes (west and middle) and The Slavianka.

General distribution

Balkan endemic. In the follow country: Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.


Ornamental tree.

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