Trifolium arvense

Rabbit-foot Clover

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Trifolium arvense Trifolium arvense Trifolium arvense

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Common name

Rabbit-foot Clover

Scientific name

Trifolium arvense L.

Conservation status and threats

NOT protected species in Bulgaria.

Description and identification

Trifolium arvense is an annual herbaceous plant, 5-20 (30) cm high. Petals white or pink. Flowering May-August1.


In dry open places and in sparse forests, from the lowlands to the middle mountain belt, most often as ruderal and weed2.

Distribution in Bulgaria

In the whole country up to 1300 m altutude3.

General distribution

Europe (excluding the far north), Mediterranean, Western Siberia, Caucasus, Southwest Asia, North Africa. Introduced to East and Central Asia and North America4.


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