Scorzonera rosea

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Scorzonera rosea Scorzonera rosea Scorzonera rosea

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Common name


Scientific name

Scorzonera rosea Waldst. & Kit.

Conservation status and threats

NOT protected species in Bulgaria.

Description and identification

Herbaceous perennial plant. Stems are up 50 cm long. Flowering July - September[1].

Distribution in Bulgaria

In the next floristic regions: The Pirin, Stara Planina (Middle and Western), Znepole Region, between 1800-2800 meters altitude[2].


[1] Стоянов, Н. & Б. Китанов. 1966. Високопланинските растения в България. София.

[2] Делипавлов & кол., 2003. Определител на растенията в България. Аграрен университет. Пловдив.

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