Ptilostemon afer

Ivory Thistle

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Ptilostemon afer Ptilostemon afer Ptilostemon afer Ptilostemon afer

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Common names

Ivory Thistle.

Scientific name

Ptilostemon afer (Jacq.) Greuter.

Conservation status and threats

NOT protected species in Bulgaria.

Description and identification

Ptilostemon afer is an annual herbaceous plant, 50 to 100 cm tall. The stem and leaves along the veins are with wooly white hairs. The leaves are lanceolate, more or less pinnately divided, along the edge with up to 1.5 cm long yellow spines. The flowers are pink. Flowering July-September[1].

Distribution in Bulgaria

It is found in all floristic regions from sea level to 1500 meters above sea level[2].


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