Gnaphalium supinum

Dwarf Cudweed

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Gnaphalium supinum Gnaphalium supinum Gnaphalium supinum Gnaphalium supinum Gnaphalium supinum

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Common name

Dwarf Cudweed

Scientific name

Gnaphalium supinum L.

Conservation status and threats

NOT protected by the law in Bulgaria.

Description and identification

Perennial herbaceous plant. Stems 3 to 10 cm long. Flower heads (1) 2 — 10 (12). Flowering June-September1.


Highland pastures, stony and rocky places, in the mountains2.

Dstribution in Bulgaria

Western and Central Stara Planina, Vitosha, Western Border Mountains (Osogovska Planina), Belasitsa, Pirin, Rila, Western Rhodopes, from (1500) 2000 to 2900 meters altitude3.

General dstribution

Northern, partly in the mountains of Central and Southern Europe, Southwest and Central Asia, North America4.


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