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Common name


Scientific name

Osyris alba L.

Conservation status and threats

NOT protected species in Bulgaria.

Description and identification

Osyris alba is an evergreen, hemiparasitic, groom-like perennial shrub growing up to 150 cm high. Stems erect, much-branched, angular, woody, striated, green when young, becoming brown later. Leaves are alternate, simple, entire, leathery, linear or lanceolate, apex acute, base cuneate, subsessile and glabrous, falling early. Flowers actinomorphic, unisexual or hermaphrodite; male flowers in sparse axillary racemes, female and hermaphrodite solitary; perianth 3-4 lobed, fleshy, green and glabrous; stamens 3-4, opposite to perianth lobes; perianth lobes fused at base forming hypanthium, lobes ovate-deltoid, green, becoming yellow-orange with age; ovary inferior, style 1, stigma 3-lobed. Blooms May-June[1].


In the bushes, stony places and coastal sands[2].

Distribution in Bulgaria

Black Sea coast (southern part), Struma valley (southern part), Eastern Rhodopes, Strandzha[3].


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