Salix reticulata

Net-leaved willow

Pictures of Salix reticulata (Net-leaved willow)

Salix reticulata Salix reticulata Salix reticulata Salix reticulata Salix reticulata Salix reticulata Salix reticulata Salix reticulata

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Common names

Net-leaved willow.

Scientific name

Salix reticulata L.

Conservation status and threats

NOT protected species in Bulgaria.

Description and identification

Net-leaved willow is 0.03-0.15 m, (dwarf, forming clones by layering). Stems trailing; branches and branchlets yellow-brown or red-brown, glabrous. Leaves: stipules absent or rudimentary; petiole 3-46 mm, (sometimes glandular distally); largest medial blade amphistomatous or hemiamphistomatous, (2 pairs of secondary veins arising at or close to base, arcing toward apex), oblong, broadly oblong, broadly elliptic, subcircular, or circular, (8-)12-66 × 8-50 mm, 1-1.5 times as long as wide, base convex, rounded, subcordate, or cordate, margins slightly revolute, entire or crenulate (glandular-dotted), apex rounded, convex, or retuse, abaxial surface sparsely long-silky to glabrescent, adaxial (venation deeply impressed), slightly or highly glossy, glabrous or pilose; proximal blade margins entire; juvenile blade glabrous. Catkins: staminate 11-54 × 4-9 mm, flowering branchlet 2-28 mm; pistillate densely flowered (more than 6 flowers), slender or stout, 11-79 × 3-8 mm, flowering branchlet 2-37 mm; floral bract tawny, 0.8-1.8 mm, apex rounded to retuse, entire, abaxially glabrous. Staminate flowers: abaxial nectary 0.5-0.9 mm, adaxial nectary oblong or ovate, 0.5-1 mm, nectaries connate and cup-shaped; filaments distinct, hairy on proximal 1/2 or throughout; anthers ellipsoid or globose, 0.3-0.4 mm. Pistillate flowers: abaxial nectary (0-)0.3-0.5 mm, adaxial nectary narrowly oblong, 0.5-1 mm, equal to or longer than stipe, nectaries distinct or connate and cup-shaped; stipe 0-0.8 mm; ovary pyriform or ovoid, short-silky, hairs flattened, beak abruptly tapering to styles; ovules 8-18 per ovary; styles connate to distinct 1/2 their lengths, 0.2-0.3 mm; stigmas flat, abaxially non-papillate with rounded tip, broadly cylindrical, or 2 plump lobes, 0.2-0.26-0.36 mm. Capsules 4.5-5 mm. 2n = 38. Flowering June-July[1].

Distribution in Bulgaria

In the mountains Rila and Pirin; over 2500 m above sea level[2].

General distribution

The mountains of Central, Western and Southern Europe, the Arctic, Central Asia, North America[3].


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