Potentilla supina

Bushy Cinquefoil

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Potentilla supina Potentilla supina Potentilla supina Potentilla supina Potentilla supina

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Common name

Bushy Cinquefoil

Scientific name

Potentilla supina L.

Conservation status and threats

NOT protected by the law in Bulgaria.

Description and identification

Potentilla supina is an annual or biennial herb. Flowering stems 40 cm high, decumbent or ascending, rarely erect. Stems 10 to 40 cm high. Leaves odd pinnate; basal and lower stem leaves long-petiolate, with 5-11 leaflets, upper stem leaves and those in the inflorescence (slightly smaller) shorter-petiolate or almost sessile, often trifoliate. Leaflets relatively equal in size, 8-20 mm long and 15 mm wide oblong or obovate. Flowers up to 10 mm in diameter. Petals 2.5-3 mm long, ovate to obovate. Flowering June-September1.


In moist stony and rocky grassy places, in bushes and sparse forests mainly in the mountains2.

Dstribution in Bulgaria

According to literature data, the species is found in the floristic regions: Danubian Plain, North-Eastern Bulgaria, Predbalkan , Western Stara Planina, Znepole region, Pirin, Thracian Plane, Tundzha Hilly Plane, Northern Black Sea coast; from 150 to 1000 m altitude2. The plants shown in the photos here grew in the Western Rhodopes at an altitude of 1520 meters3.

General dstribution

Southern, Central and Eastern Europe, north to Southwest and Central Asia, South Africa, North America4.


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3 Маркова, М. 1973. Пос. източник.

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