Geum rhodopaeum

Rhodope Avens

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Geum rhodopaeum Geum rhodopaeum Geum rhodopaeum Geum rhodopaeum Geum rhodopaeum

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Common name

Rhodope Avens

Scientific name

Geum rhodopaeum Stoj. & Stefanov.

Conservation status and threats

PROTECTED species in Bulgaria.

Description and identification

HHerbaceous perennial plant. The stem is high to 0,4 m. Flowering June - August (Delipavlov et al., 2003).

Distribution in Bulgaria

In the next floristic regions: The Rhodopes (west), The Pirin (south), West Frontier Mountains and Sredna gora (west) (Delipavlov et al., 2003). Between 1200 and 1500 m a.s.l. (Delipavlov et al., 2003).

Map of distribution in Bulgaria of Geum rhodopaeum by floristic regions (in grey):

Geum rhodopaeum

Source: Assyov, B., A. Petrova, D. Dimitrov & R. Vassilev. 2012. Conspectus of the vascular flora of Bulgaria. Sofia, Bulgarian biodiversity foundation.

General distribution

Bulgarian endemic.

Geum rhodopaeum на български

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