Rumex alpinus

Monk's Rhubarb

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Rumex alpinus Rumex alpinus Rumex alpinus Rumex alpinus

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Common names

Monk's Rhubarb.

Scientific name

Rumex alpinus L.

Conservation status and threats

Not protected species in Bulgaria.

Description and identification

Rumex alpinus is a perennial plant with a creeping rhizome. It can reach a height of 60 to 200 centimetres (24 to 79 in). The stem is erect, striated and unbranched until just below the inflorescence. The leaves are very large, ovate-round, with long stout leaf stalks and irregular margins. The basal leaves have a hairless upper surface but have some hairs beside the veins on the lower surface. The upper leaves are alternate and are smaller and more elongated. Where their stalks meet the stem there is a membranous ochrea formed by the fusion of two stipules into a sheath which surrounds the stem and has a ragged upper margin. The flowers are arranged in much-branched, dense terminal compound panicles. The flowers are dioecious and anemophilous. The perianth segments are in two whorls of three. The outer ones are recurved and the inner ones form fruit valves, which are roundly, wider than long, with cordate bases and entire margins. There are six stamens, a pistil formed of three fused carpels, and three styles. The fruits are brown, three-sided achenes. The flowers bloom from June to August.[1]


In mountain and alpine meadows, along streams and rivers, around huts and pens and in areas where domestic animals have stayed longer and soils richer in nitrogen in general.[2]

Distribution in Bulgaria

In the mountains Stara Planina, Vitosha, Plana, Western Sredna Gora, Slavyanka, Pirin, Rila and the Rhodopes, usually between 1400 and 2200 m altitude.[3]


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