Eragrostis minor

Little Lovegrass

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Eragrostis minor Eragrostis minor Eragrostis minor Eragrostis minor

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Common names

Little Lovegrass.

Scientific name

Eragrostis minor Host

Conservation status and threats

NOT protected species in Bulgaria.

Description and identification

Eragrostis minor is an annual herbaceous plant. Stems ascending, branched from the base, thin and smooth, 10-50 cm high. Leaf blade flat, linear, covered, as well as the sheath, with long, sparse hairs; at the margin with glands. Ligule in formed by ciliated hairs. Spikelets on short pedicel, oblong, blue, 4-11 mm long, with 5-20 flowers. Glume 1.5 mm long, shorter than lemma. The lemma is ovoid, obtuse, along the veins with hairs. Flowering June-August1.


On sandy and stony places, along roads2.

Distribution in Bulgaria

Across the country from 0 to 1000 meters altitude3.

General distribution

Western and Central Europe, the Mediterranean, North and South Asia, North and Central America4.


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