Plantago maxima

Giant Plantain

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Plantago maxima Plantago maxima

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Common name

Giant Plantain.

Scientific name

Plantago maxima Jacq.

Conservation status and threats

PROTETED species in Bulgaria.

Description and identification

A perennial herb, usually with several rosettes and a massive root. Height 20–70 (90) cm, stem single or several (2–9), simple, erect with a single erect spike on top. Leaves 20–50?5–15 cm, usually blackened on drying; lamina broadly ovate to ovate-elliptical, remotely denticulate, 7 to 11-veined, more or less sparsely hairy, more or less abruptly narrowed into a petiole longer than the lamina. Scapes somewhat exceeding leaves, striate, subglabrous or appressed-hairy above; spikes 5–20 cm, dense. Bracts 2.5–3 mm, ovateelliptical, glabrous. Sepals 2.5–3 mm, subequal, almostfree, glabrous, brown with scarious margins. Corolla tube 2–2.5 mm, glabrous; lobes c. 2 mm, ovate-lanceolate, acute. Stamens 10–12 mm, white to pale-pinkish. Capsule c. 3 mm: seeds 4, c. 2 mm, oblong-ellipsoid, plano-convex. Flowering May - July [Tzonev, R. & Karakiev, T. 2007. Plantago maxima (Plantaginaceae): a relict species new for the Bulgarian flora. – Phytol. Balcan., 13(3): 347-350.].

Distribution in Bulgaria

Only near Buchin prohod Village, South Bulgaria.

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