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Merendera rhodopaea Merendera rhodopaea Merendera rhodopaea Merendera rhodopaea

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Common name

Rhodope Merendera

Scientific name

Merendera rhodopaea Vel.

Conservation status and threats

PROTECTED species in Bulgaria. In the locality near Isperihovo Village it has been found out grazing of the plant flowers. In the same place the dry grass are regularly burn down, but it's not clear what is the efect of this on the populatin of M. rhodopaea.

Description and identification

Herbaceous perennial plant. Flowering in most cold and severe months December - February occasionally until March. Bulb plant. High up to 15 cm.

Distribution in Bulgaria

Map of distribution in Bulgaria of Merendera rhodopaea (Merendera attica) by floristic regions:

Merendera rhodopaea

Between 0 and 500 m altitude.

Source: Assyov, B., A. Petrova, D. Dimitrov & R. Vassilev. 2012. Conspectus of the vascular flora of Bulgaria. Sofia, Bulgarian biodiversity foundation.


Very beautiful plant. Amazing its flowering in winter. According to most of authors the Merendera rhodopaea is synonym of Merendera attica (Spruner ex Tommasini) Boiss. & Spruner. spred out in Greece.

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