Medicago lupulina

Black Medick

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Medicago lupulina Medicago lupulina Medicago lupulina Medicago lupulina Medicago lupulina

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Common name

Black Medick

Scientific name

Medicago lupulina L.

Conservation status and threats

NOT protected by the law in Bulgaria.

Description and identification

Annual, biennial to perennial herbaceous plant. Stems 10 to 50 cm long. Flowers up to 3 mm long, lemon yellow. Inflorescence short, compact cluster. Fruits kidney-shaped, blackening. Flowering May-September1.


In meadows, pastures, clearings and bushes, in eroded places, near fields and coastal sands, ruderally in conditions of moderate to low humidity2.

Dstribution in Bulgaria

Across the country up to 1600 meters above sea level3.


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