Drosera rotundifolia

Round-leaved Sundew

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Drosera rotundifolia Drosera rotundifolia Drosera rotundifolia Drosera rotundifolia

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Common names

Round-leaved Sundew.

Scientific name

Drosera rotundifolia L.

Conservation status and threats

PROTECTED species in Bulgaria.

Description and identification

Drosera rotundifolia is a perennial herbaceous plant, 5–20 cm (2–8 in.). Stem vertical, clearly longer than leaves, straight-based, leafless, red scape. Leaves in basal rosette, long-stalked, red, flush. Blade roundish–kidney-shaped, upper surface with many long, red, slime-excreting glandular hairs[1]. Flowering July-August.


In the the swampy peat meadows and peat bogs in the high mountain belt[2].

Distribution in Bulgaria

In the mountains Vitosha, Western and Central Stara Planina, Western and Middle Rhodopes, Western Sredna Gora and Rila; from 1500 to 2000 m altitude[3].


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