Spergularia media

Media Sandspurry

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Spergularia media Spergularia media Spergularia media Spergularia media Spergularia media Spergularia media

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Common name

Media Sandspurry

Scientific name

Spergularia media (L.) Presl.

Conservation status and threats

NOT protected species in Bulgaria.

Description and identification

Perennial herb, 8-40 cm. Stem branched. ± erect, ascending or procumbent glabrous below, glandular above. Leaves 8-20 x 0.1 mm, linear, glabrous, apparently whorled at the nodes. Stipules lanceolate. Flowers solitary or in lax dichasia, Pedicel glandular, usually longer than the calyx. Sepals 4-5 mm, ovate-lanceolate, glandular, green, with scarious margins. somewhat 3-nerved. Petals pale pink, ovate or violaceous, as the sepals. Stamens 10. Capsule c. 8 mm, ovoid, exceeding the sepals. Seeds compressed, smooth, somewhat obovate, with scarious white wings, entire or sometimes erose at the margin. Flowering June-September[1].


Wet, salty places[2].

Distribution in Bulgaria

In the following floristic regions: Black Sea coast, Danube plain, Thracian lowland and Strandzha[3].


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