Erigeron sumatrensis

Tall Fleabane

Pictures of Erigeron sumatrensis (Tall Fleabane)

Erigeron sumatrensis Erigeron sumatrensis Erigeron sumatrensis Erigeron sumatrensis Erigeron sumatrensis Erigeron sumatrensis Erigeron sumatrensis Erigeron sumatrensis

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Common names

Tall Fleabane.

Scientific name

Erigeron sumatrensis Retz.

Description and identification

Erigeron sumatrensis is a grayish-green annual, (50)100–150(200) cm, erect, densely hairy; hairs of two types – evenly distributed, directed upward, appressed short hairs and scattered, somewhat uneven, ±patent, longer hairs. Leaves numerous, simple, alternate, the lower elliptic-lanceolate to oblong-ovate, petiolate, remotely dentate (with 3–6 teeth on each side), the middle linear-lanceolate to linear, 4–10 × 0.6–1(1.2) cm, ±entire, the upper shorter and narrower, sessile. Synflorescence rhombic in outline, 30–50 cm long, with many capitula. Involucrum 4–6 × (4)5–7 mm; bracts grayish-green, linearlanceolate, acuminate, densely hairy. Female florets 130–200, with very short (inconspicuous) whitish ligules; hermaphrodite flowers ca. 15, with yellow corolla. Achenes 1–1.5 mm long, with 4–5 mm long pappus of pale brown hairs1.


Sunny or slightly shaded places, mainly in man-made or significantly disturbed habitats - wasteland, abandoned and uncultivated land, roadsides, railways, settlements, a weed in trench crops, vineyards, gardens, intensively used pastures and secondary grasslands, sand dunes, riverine floodplain terraces, etc. A pioneer species on disturbed or newly created habitats devoid of vegetation cover2.

Distribution in Bulgaria

It originates from South America. An introduced and invasive species in Bulgaria3.


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