Artemisia eriantha

Apennines' genepì

Pictures of Artemisia eriantha (Apennines' genepì)

Artemisia eriantha Artemisia eriantha Artemisia eriantha Artemisia eriantha Artemisia eriantha Artemisia eriantha Artemisia eriantha

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Common name

Apennines' genepì.

Scientific name

Artemisia eriantha Ten.

Conservation status and threats

PROTECTED species in Bulgaria.

The species is listed in the Red Data Book of the Republic of Bulgaria to the IUCN category "Endangered"1.

Description and identification

Caespitose perennial. Rhizome semi-woody. Plant with numerous sterile rosettes. Stems 8–20 cm, ascending to erect, grey to silver grey green, sericeous-tomentose. Lower cauline leaves and those of sterile rosettes 2-, rarely 3-ternate, greyish white to greyish green, lanate. Cauline leaves sessile, entire or pinnatifid. Capitula up to 5 mm in diameter, hemispherical, in a simple, loose raceme; the lower shortly pedunculate, nodding when mature, the upper nearly sessile; bracts pinnatifid to entire. Involucral bracts appressed hairy to lanate; the outer with a narrow, light brown apex, the inner with broad dark brown apex. Florets 25–50; corolla densely hairy, especially above; achenes semicylindrical, hairy. Flowering July - September, fr. IX–XI. Wind pollination. Reproduction by seeds and rhizome shoots2.

Distribution in Bulgaria

Balkan Range (Central – on the calcareos rocks on the northern slopes of Mazalat peak), Pirin Mts (Northern – on calcareous grounds between the Banderitsa river valley and Razlozhki Suhodol locality, and more rarely on silicate rocks – Todorka peak and in the Demyanitsa river valley), Rila Mts (on calcareous rocks in N and NW Rila Mts); from 1880 up to 2800 m alt3.


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