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Onobrychis alba

Onobrychis alba Onobrychis alba Onobrychis alba Onobrychis alba
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Species features
Common name-
Latin nameOnobrychis alba (Waldst. & Kit.) Desv.
Conservation status and threatsNOT protected species in Bulgaria.
Description and identificationHerbaceous perennial plant. Stems are 15-40 cm long. Flowers are 8-12 mm long. Flowering May - July [Kozhucharov, 1976].
Distribution in BulgariaIn the next floristic regions: North-Eastern Bulgaria, The Black Sea coast, Stara Planina, Sredna gora (west), Sofia Region, Vitosha Region, The Slavianka, The Struma Valley (north), The Mesta Valley, The Rhodopes, Thracian Plane, The Tundzha Hilly Plane and The Predbalkan; between 0 and 1700 m above see level [Kozhucharov, 1976].
General distributionSouth-East Europe [Kozhucharov, 1976].

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