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Centaurea mannagettae

Centaurea mannagettae Centaurea mannagettae Centaurea mannagettae Centaurea mannagettae
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Species features
Common namePirin thistle
Latin nameCentaurea mannagettae Podp.
Conservation status and threatsPROTECTED species in Bulgaria.
Description and identificationHerbaceous perennial plant. Stem is 20-50 cm high. Leaves are odd pinnately compound; Appendages of involucral phyllaries are narrowly triangular, rusty brown, ciliated, with or without a short thorn at the top; the fruit wing longer than the fruit itself. Flowering June - August.
HabitatLimy, stony and shrubby places.
Distribution in BulgariaIn the next floristic regions: Thracian Plane, The Tundzha Hilly Plane, The Rila, The Pirin and The Slavianka.
General distributionEndemic to the Balkans.
NotesSome authors divide the species into 2 subspecies: Centaurea mannagettae subs. pirinica (D. Jord.) Koz. and Centaurea mannagettae subs. mannagetae. The species is included as the subspecies Centaurea mannagettae subs. pirinica in Annex 3 of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Act.
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